09 Dec

Chandigarh Tracker Software Solution White-Label

Chandigarh Trackers has firmed its presence into Fleet Management industry. With overall 100 trucking running at PAN India level, Chandigarh Trackers has explored GPS Market from every corner. A successful association with VoxTrail Software Solutions, Chandigarh Trackers got its GPS Tracking Software whitelabled from VoxTrail Whitelabling Solutions since the beginning. With advancement in the GPS term, Chandigarh Trackers Software is a new definition to the track and trace functionality. A solution that is best for fleet management is the hi-tech iconic representation of security and safety on just one click.

Chandigarh Trackers Software provides following benefits to its users:-

Live-Tracking – The most important functionality of any GPS Company lies in its Software development and user interface. Chandigarh Trackers Software integrated with Chandigarh Trackers Mobile App helps fetching real-time information with high internet speed and high accuracy rate. We can access the real-time vehicle status and location information.

Fuel Monitoring – With such a technology, one can monitor the fuel consumption rate with the amount of trips covered. Chandigarh Trackers Software has been able to keep an optimum level fuel consumption rate strategy for the fleet drivers enabling a high amount of efficiency and operational flow. With fuel monitoring feature, we are able to calculate an average cost spend on fuel and date wise fuel rates even.

Graphical Reports – Users with Chandigarh Trackers Software can now fetch graphical and diagrammatical representations of the complete fleets in terms of vehicle status like: - running, parked, offline and total with speed, time, driven duration, distance numerals and driver behaviours.

Temperature Solution – This feature helps in maintaining an optimum level of temperature in the contents, materials like food compliances and cargos. Inbuilt with multiple temperature monitoring zones, anti - spoilage and anti-theft features Chandigarh Trackers Software makes the vehicles hi-tech with less operational cost.

24X7 Virtual Access – Fleet owners can now virtually control the ignition status of the vehicles. During the theft activity, user can cut-off the ignition supply and can stop the theft there and then of the vehicles and goods. With Chandigarh Trackers Software, users can even allocate the devices and can control the same remotely anytime anywhere.

Geo-Fencing Alerts – On the map created zones are been marked with vehicle general information. As soon as the vehicle comes out or goes into another geo-fence zone, users get a notification on their handset. Between 2 or more geo-fence zones, user can even calculate and measure the fuel consumption rates.

Images Capturing – one of the advance features of Chandigarh Trackers Software is the capturing of HD images via inbuilt camera. Thus, giving a hi-tech functionality to the users.

Events and Activity Status – Playback and history information fetching is an iconic feature of Chandigarh Trackers Software that enables to give the user exact and accurate history information along with the trip playback option. Vehicle number, GPS Device number along with the defined route and activities happened are also been recorded in the log.

Chandigarh Trackers recommendation for all the fleet owners who either serve a small market or a large segment, should try VoxTrail Software Solutions with their Whitelabeling Expertise for their result-oriented revenues and profits and of course happy clients.