12 Dec

Chandigarh Tracker WhiteLabeled Mobile App

Chandigarh Trackers has been serving the market from quiet a long time with GPS Services. The business of Chandigarh Trackers took a new phase with the VoxTrail Whitelabelling Solutions in terms of Chandigarh Trackers Mobile App. Chandigarh Trackers Mobile App serves the Hi-tech functionality with intuit interface and new defined features that serves every segment utility effectively.

Being a Whitelabelled Mobile App,Chandigarh Trackers Mobile App has furnishes below benefits:-

Real-time tracking with live feeds.

Synchronization of activity series in terms of harsh braking, harsh acceleration, over speeding, cuts and turns etc.

Instant zone alerts and notification of the set defined path outrage.

Graphical and diagrammatical representation of vehicle’s current positing whether online, offline, running or idle helps the users to analyze the progress reports of the vehicle or driver.

Intuit splashboard with live tracking of vehicle and GPS Device installed helps in defining the complete details with the defined values of speed, distance travelled, time covered, Kilometres and driver behaviour patterns.

Fuel consumption rate and driver behaviour aspects can be monitored 24X7.

A complete record of history of trips, playback along with the activities happened in the route can be monitored easily through Chandigarh Trackers Mobile App.

Chandigarh Trackers Mobile App helps the user to share and clone the objects as well as the app from one mobile set to another thus enabling a connection between the clients 24x7.

Chandigarh Trackers Mobile App has a help centre which provides assistance to the users with live chatting and calling features.

Being at a recommendable rate of goodwill in the market, Chandigarh Trackers with the help of VoxTrail Software Solutions has now smoothened its operations and increase its clientele in the market. The company is now been able to track and trace its field executives with real-time tracking, monitor the speed, distance, time and intervals analysis, capture the fuel and temperature reports, fetch history information and create alerts for defined paths with driver behaviour monitoring.

Chandigarh Trackers Mobile App design is embedded with functionalities like:-

Intuit Interface

Unique design

Real-time View

Help centre 24X7 Support

Synchronized features and logs

Event management with activity log

Advance version supporting android UI

Graphical and diagrammatical report

Current and history trip reports and status

Sharing and cloning of App for a particular view

Such a combination of cutting edge GPS Technology with user interactive features makes Chandigarh Trackers Mobile App a newly defined handset tracking device especially for GPS providers. Chandigarh Trackers has embarked a new concept of tracking along with IT Solutions via VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Our recommendation for happy clients, quality product and services and innovation lies with VoxTrail Software Solutions.