VBT+ is known as the mini intellectual GPS Vehicle Tracking Device and positioning terminal. It combines GSM wireless communication technology & GPS positioning system technology. The installation of the device is simple and it is widely applicable for cars, trucks, motor cycles, cabs, electric cars, ships etc.


GSM Quad-band Frenquency

Real time Tracking by SMS/GPRS

Built-in Battery, Cut Vehicle Oil or Circuit Alarm

ACC Ignition and Flameout inform

Smart Sleep Save Power Mode

AGPS function receives GPS signals faster

Built-in Storage Memory up to 2000 units

Overspeed Alarm, Move Alarm, Geo-Fence Alarm

Tech Specifications

1. Dimensions 90mm x 45mm x 16mm
2. Weight 46g
3. Backup Battery 250mah/3.7V(Can Last One Day after power cut)
4. Network GSM/GPRS
5. Bandwidth 850/900/1800/1900/Mhz
6.Standby Time 24 hour
7. GPS Sensitivity 149dbm
8. GPS Accuracy 5m
9. Work Voltage 12V-36V
10. TTFF(OPEN sky) Cold Start<45s,Warm start <35s,Hot start<1s
11. Storage Temperature (-40℃ to +85℃)
12. Operation Temperature (-20℃ to +55℃)
13. Humidity 5%-95% none-condensing