18 Dec

Chandigarh Tracker – B2B Aasma Platform

Chandigarh Trackers stands among the top-notch players of GPS Industry. Serving several clients in the northern region, Chandigarh Trackers made itself a brand in GPS among the various dealers and distributors. The succession story of Chandigarh Trackers started with the helping hand association of VoxTrail Software Solution under its B2B Aasma Platform.
VoxTrail Software Solutions which is an Indian company furnishing “Made in India” product and services has recently come up with all new technology oriented project known as Aasma B2B Platform.

Under this association, VoxTrail aids the vibrant GPS Players around the nation with a PAN India presence helping them in:-

Resource sharing at a minimal cost and time

Reducing services, maintenance and repair costs

Broadcasting the quality opportunities nationwide

Increasing the revenue by widening the client funnel

Expanding sales and embarking presence at a national level

Assigning Marketing support system for branding of associates

Eliminating the pain factor involved among the dealers and distributors for expansion

Providing expertise in terms of VoxTrail White labelling solutions, VoxTrail Mobile App, VoxTrail Software and VoxTrail Trackers; Aasma projects is an integration of all the 4 pillars for the association. With this platform, Chandigarh Tracker has built chain of clients at North India level and is been on the expansion stage for further regions. Catering a network build up for the associates with a prime motive of reducing the pain and cost involved in the expansion process, VoxTrail Software Solutions provide its associate with a perk package that too free of cost namely:-

LMS Tool

CRM Software

App Whitelabeling

Chandigarh Trackers through Aasma assistance has been able to deliver quality products and services into the new markets resulting monopoly in some regions even. Marketing support rendered by Aasma has helped Chandigarh Trackers in naming our venture as a brand among the B2B and B2C users even. With such an association even, Chandigarh Trackers has developed dealer chain wide across the nation.
All in all we recommend, VoxTrail Software Solutions and especially VoxTrail – Aasma B2B Platform for merging and collaborating vibrant players of GPS Industry under one roof with transparent and fair technology.